The Hamptons report

Beginning of Indian summer the weather invited me to the Hamptons for exciting event organized by The Supper Club and hosted by Audi and al fresco dining with Celeb chef Tom Colicchio.  The day started at the boutique hotel Maidston in Easthampton. Guests gathered for coffee, mimosas and pastry bites. From there we took a picturesque drive in all shiny Audie Q7 SUV to one of the best vineries in Hamptons Wolffers estate. Quick stop, and a bottle of wine later (as a gift) we were on our way to our secret luncheon spot in a private estate hosted by chef Tom Colicchio. 

I couldn’t be more excited to meet one of my favorite chefs, and try dishes created by him especially for this event. Mr. Colicchio, is among the most vocal and widely recognized of the new political chefs, not least because of the celebrity he has earned from his side job as a judge on the hit television show “Top Chef.” He also owns and runs the craft chain of restaurants. Colicchio is an influential advocate for ending hunger and improving the safety and environmental practices of the food system. He is a board member of the nonprofit Food Policy Action, and he recently served as executive producer of A Place at the Table, a film about food insecurity in America directed by his wife, Lori Silverbush.

We tasted a chilled zucchini soup with crab and sun-gold tomatoes, a tender lobster roll, grilled skirt steak with watermelon, and a salad of fresh peaches with lightly marinated corn and to die for desserts a chocolate truffle cake, a pistachio blueberry financier, and peach tartlets.

Tom Colicchio was gracious enough to talk about his cooking career; he also took some time to answer our questions.  The only moment of this delighted day I was disappointed was when I approached Mr. Colicchio and pose for a picture with him. I realized he is almost half of my height. I felt super awkward. The pictures came out strange as well, I looked like a giant trying to make myself look a little smaller- result very unappealing for both of us.  We both had a great laugh out of it and he sold me his secret for the mouth-watering corn salad.  Corn needs to be local, fresh and served raw not cooked. 

I left the event with a private chauffeur (unfortunately only for the drive home) bag of goodies from Audi and very bubbly bottle of Wolffer sparkling Rose.

Thank you Supper Club for another excited event!!