french toast stuffed with cheese and bananas

Weekdays morning everyone is on its own when it comes to breakfast.  I eat pretty much the same food every day: berries with plain goat yogurt and granola. 

But weekends are different i love to experiment with breakfast and have something new.  I usually get up early and enjoy my morning coffee with my dog snoring next to me in the quite house. Around 9-10am I get bored and start making noise with pots and pans.  This weekend it was time to face a challenge that my friends set upon me after they had the French toast served at the restaurant Extra Virgin. I had to come up with something even richer, tastier, over the top, something much better then what EV serves.

So I did. I decided to stuff the french toast with mascarpone cheese and bananas then soak them for a few hours,a trick a learned from a French chef friend. He told me that as a kid his parents use to soak the brioche, or any other leftover bread overnight. When I make the regular version of this dish, without stuffing, I leave it overnight as well. It makes the bread very soft and moist. 

I have to say, the french toast came out great. Make sure you cut each piece a little thicker to help hold the stuffing so it does not fall apart in the soaking process. They also need to be transferred with extra care onto a rack to let drip the access liquid. They are super rich, scrumptious, and finger licking good, all at the same time. After one each we were too full to eat lunch that day. I think I might have won this battle over the best french toast on the block. 

French toast remains our favorite breakfast choice. Done right, there is an unpretentious beauty to this classic comfort food. There is rarely something as tempting as a plate of crisp, thickly sliced, perfectly prepared french toast piled high on a plate with a sprinkling of powder sugar. 


1 Loaf of brioche bread  (or less depends how many people you serving)

Butter for frying


4 eggs

½ of cream

1 cup of milk

½ of sugar (or any substitute, I use stevia)

1tbs of maple syrup

2 tsp. of vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt


1 cup of mascarpone cheese

1 tsp. of vanilla extract

2 tbsp. of sugar

1, 2 bananas sliced

Slice bread, about 1,5 inches thick cut a “pocket" on the side of each slice for stuffing, mix all batter ingredients until well combined.

Mix mascarpone cheese with vanilla and sugar, place one or 2 slices of banana in the bread pocket, put cheese in the piping bag and stuff each slice of bread, be careful not to over fill.

Soak bread for a few hours. Than drain well. On a hot pan with a little butter sear each slice until golden brown, turn carefully and sear the other side. Serve with maple syrup and berries. 


Bochenek chleba, najlepiej brioche lub chalka

Maslo do smazenia


4 jajka

½ szklanki slodkiej smietany

1 szklanka mleka

½ szkladnki cukru ( lub zamiennik, ja uzylam stevia)

1 lyzka syropu klonowego

2 lyzeczki olejku winiliowego

szczypta soli morskiej


1 szklanka serka mascarpone

1 lyzczka olejku waniliowego

2 lyzki cukru

1, 2 banany

Pokroic chleb na grube plastry okolo 2 cm. w kazdej kromce zrobic kieszonke z boku na nadzienie . wymieszac wszystkie skladniki marynaty, banany pokroic na cienkie plastry I wlozyc po kilka do kazdej “ kieszonki”  ser wymieszac ze skladnikiami I nadziac nim chleb, uzywajac woreczkow do nadziewnia. Moze byc zwykly worek z dziurka w rogu. Zanurzyc kromki w marynacie I moczyc przez kilka godzin. Odsaczyc delikatnie na sitku lub kratce ( na plasko). Rozgrzac maslo na patelni I smazyc przez kilka minut na kazdej stronie na zloto- brazowy kolor. Podawac natychmiast z syropem klonowym, miodem lub owocami I bita smietana.