chilled lobster salad

Summer time is always great time to make salad, fruit salad in the morning, green for lunch, and something heartier for dinner. There are so many options to mix and match vegetables with each other or with protein…the possibilities are endless.

Last summer while I  was hosting some friends and their families, one of my friends made an incredible lobster salad, and every since I keep recreating it and passing it along to other friends. And it is a hit every single time we make it.

I got very lucky that weekend because the other friend was a great cook -originally from Italy- he grilled the best veggies and steaks. He also cleaned my grill for the first time, it was never cleaner, except when I bought it, and never thereafter. I am pretty bad with taking care of my outside cooking devices, so bad in fact, that after one year of using my grill I now need to replace it. But back to the lobster salad… You can modify the ingredients depending on your taste and what you have in the fridge. This salad is very delicious, refreshing and light. You can serve it alone or as a lobster roll. 


1 large (2lbs or more) lobster or 2 smaller ones

2 ribs of celery chopped

1 ripe mango- diced

½ small red onions – diced

1 tbsp. of mayonnaise

I tsp. of vinegar (I used yuzu)

Salt, pepper

Boil or steam lobster, 7,5 minutes per lb. In the meantime mix all the vegetables, chill and de-shell the lobster, chop accordingly to your test.  Mix all together and serve chilled.